Get the correct SeedCo variety for your area.  SC Squire is stable across environments. Prepare you land to allow for effective seed soil contact at planting. Plant soybean in moist soils when the rain has stabilized generally between mid-November to mid-December to achieve seed soil contact. Do not late plant soybean because it is day length or light sensitive. Soybean reproductive stage should not be when days are short.

Soybean is a legume and provides excellent crop rotation with maize. One may use fertilizer with some inoculum obtainable with instructions from chemical fertilizer companies. All SeedCo varieties provide some period of not less than three weeks from physiological maturity before shuttering (grain dispersal). Shuttering can be a major cause of field loss. All seed co soybean varieties yield between 3 and 6 tones per hectare.

Commercial farmers use herbicides on seed co soybean varieties and have succeeded.

“You can buy our seed in our outlets in Blantyre office Tel 0999955253, Lilongwe Head office Tel 0999487391 and opposite the old Lilongwe town hall Tel 0980884960 and Mzuzu office Tel 0999924120. You can also find the seed from our registered agro dealers spread throughout the country with a certified seed sellers license and seed control certification.”

“SC719 is the highest yielder with a potential yield of 103 (50kg) bags per acre with agronomy practices”

“In order to achieve high yields, the best time to plant Seed Co maize varieties depends on the maturity period of the chosen variety. Late maturing varieties like SC 719 are best planted at the onset of the first good rains(from about mid November to mid December.

Medium maturing varieties of seed such as SC 627 and SC 653 are best planted from about late November to mid December.

While the early maturing varieties such as  SC 301, SC 303, SC 404, SC 419 and SC 423 are best planted at the onset of the first good rains if planted for green maize because of their early maturing characteristics. They can also be planted up to the end of December if planted for grain.

The early maturing seed varieties are ideal varieties for winter maize under irrigation.”

“It depends on the target yield and soil fertility status. Clay soils are thirsty while sandy soils are      hungry. The basic recommended levels are 100kgs basal plus 100kgs top dressing per acre. Note that maize varieties respond positively to increased fertilizer and other crop management factors.”

“Early maturing varieties SC301/SC403 have a potential yield of 60 bags per acre when all agronomic and crop management factors are followed properly”

“Areas along the lakeshore require early maturing varieties (SC301/SC403) as the rainfall is mostly minimal (less than 500 mm) with sandy loam soils that don’t hold water for a long period of time.”

“The best chemical to apply for the control of fall armyworms is any chemical with the following active ingredients:  Emamectin Benzoate”

Register a complaint at the Seed Co  outlet or Agro-dealer where you purchased the seeds from. Be sure to present  your proof of purchase (your receipt).

The quality assurance team will investigate your complaint and provide a conclusive report and recommendations  for actions to be taken there after.


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