Seed Co.’s customer centric nature has over the past 81 years driven the vision of the business which is to Breed, Seed and Feed in Africa. To achieve this mandate, (Seed Co continues to expand its footprint across Africa and is now present in over 21 African countries) confirm number of countries. Our main thrust is to provide lucrative and long lasting seed choices to farmers across Africa thereby resulting in food self-sufficiency come surplus and making farming a formidable business option through developing a wide range of crop types and varieties i.e. maize hybrids, soya beans, wheat, sorghum, sugar beans, and cow peas, with high yields, stable performance across environments and seasonal adaptability. However, it is important to note that for Seed Co Limited the majority of these regional markets are developing countries which are the most vulnerable to climatic change effects due to limited resources to adapt. As such there is an urgent need to give farmers hybrids that are adapted to climate change and give them the greatest yield. To achieve this, testing of crop varieties is carried out across different agro-ecologies (throughout Africa) to generate extensive genotype by environment interaction data.

Seed Co Limited also recognises the need to develop hybrids that fit specific environmental conditions and niche markets. In addition, these varieties will be coming from a background of an intense breeding programme whose focus is to select for abiotic (heat and drought, low nitrogen use efficiency, soil acidity and alkalinity), biotic (pests, foliar and cob diseases) and response to different agronomic practices. Resultant effort has produced a number of crop varieties which have allowed farmers to easily adapt to the effects of climatic change in their farming systems and achieve highest yields possible.