As it has been our mandate and goal as Seed Co to ensure the development of crop varieties that are better suited to new and ever changing climatic conditions. We have released varieties that have tremendous adaptation. Climate smart adaptation can be in the form of the 1) A reduction in the days to maturity of the new varieties which include the ultra-early maturing varieties SC 301 & SC 303 and Very early maturing varieties SC419 and SC 437 these varieties can mature before the onset of mid-season dry spells and be established late in the summer seasons they require 90 to 120 days to reach maturity (reduced time to accumulate biomass and yield). 2)  Drought tolerant varieties, these varieties have the ability to withstand long periods of moisture stress (adverse weather conditions) that include mid-season dry spells this trait is found in different varieties that include SC 555, SC 659, SC657, SC 719 & SC 727.  The process of breeding, delivery and adoption of new maize varieties in Seed Co is an on-going process aimed at availing and adopting new innovative seed technologies that are aligned to the farmers’ needs even in the face of adverse weather conditions.