This calculator applies to fields that have a crop that is at or past physiological maturity (i.e., at ≤ 30% grain moisture content). In order to estimate and forecast the expected yield, you will need a few sets of data that you should collect from the field as follows:

  • Walk the cropped land to ensure that the crop has even stand (not many gaps in rows or lodging)
  • Select ±5 stations/spots in the field with a representative crop stand and measure a standard row length at each station/spot (e.g. 2-meter row lengths).
  • Harvest and shell the cobs at each station. Weigh them and get the average weight of the grain, then extrapolate the result to a hectare by comparing what the yields could be if they were gotten from a standard hectare. Record the extrapolated yield per hectare, in tonnes per hectare (e.g. 10 t/ha.)
  • Get the moisture content for the shelled grain as a decimal number.
  • Use the calculator tabs below and enter the two sets of data (i.e. yield per hectare and moisture content) appropriately.
  • Get your result in tonnes per hectare, in the Yield Forecast tab