Sustainability Commitment

  1. Innovation for climate adaptation and better yields
  2. Food production, livelihood enrichment and carbon capture
  3. Inclusive culture and gender diversity
  4. Safety, Health, Well-being, and Environment protection
  5. Stakeholder Value Creation

Uneven rainfall patterns and crop diseases have been threatening food security in Africa.Our Research and Development division plays a critical role in developing superior hybrids, early maturing varieties and disease-resistant crop seeds that are high yielding under optimum input use in stress environments. Uneven rainfall patterns and crop diseases have been threatening food security in Africa.

We produce seed varieties that have tremendous adaptation capabilities to climate change and crop development. The process of breeding, delivery and adoption of new seed varieties ends with approvals for sale and meeting various climatic conditions.

Seed Co is an important player contributing to food security through continuous availing of seed varieties that are highly adaptive to high stress environments and resistant to diseases. We continue to invest significantly in research and development to produce crop seeds that are adaptive to a changing climate to guarantee food security. We partner and collaborate with our growers and farmers to promote good agricultural practices that enhance yields while greening the environment and thus drawing carbon from the atmosphere.

Seed Co also partners with small-scale farmers and rural communities to contribute significantly to livelihood enrichment.

In Seed Co, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion in stimulating creating and innovation while attracting the best talent. We seek to create an environment where diversified views and opinions are acceptable and where people of varying gender, race and cultures can thrive. We aim to give opportunities to locals while increasing the ratio of women in the company.

The safety and wellbeing of our employees and the protection of the environment on which we depend are central aspects of our business. We are committed to the protection of employees, visitors, and local communities by providing safe working conditions through preventative maintenance, monitoring, and inspections. We make great effort to play our role in environmental stewardship and biodiversity management. In this regard, we work with government departments.

Seed Co thrives on partnerships and collaboration with various stakeholders. We are an open and inclusive business that actively listens to stakeholder interests which help us deliver quality results. The Group partners with Government and Non-governmental organisations (NGOs), growers, farmers, millers, agro processors, and others to get an appreciation of their interests and concerns. These engagements enable us to develop.