Seed Co wheat varieties on the market

Wheat is the second most important cereal crop in the world after rice. It provides 21% of the food calories and 20% of the protein to more than 4.5 billion people in 94 developing countries. Despite being a temperate crop (C3), wheat is a widely adapted crop. It is grown from temperate, irrigated to dry and high rainfall areas and from warm, humid to dry, cold environments. Wheat’s plasticity allows it to be grown with water requirements ranging from 200 – 600 mm on well drained soils. Winter wheat (hard) is grown in Temperate climates and need sub-zero temperatures (vernalization) to flower while Spring wheat is grown in Tropical and Subtropical climates.

The primary goal of Seed Co’s wheat breeding programme is to breed, develop and register superior or competitive varieties that help growers maximise productivity and profitability. The wheat varieties are the end result of long term scientific breeding and testing. The varieties are bred to add value to every farming operation. They bring with them appropriate resistance or tolerance to diseases, excellent standability, desired maturity and reliable high yield performance. The combination of high yields and baking qualities coupled with good agronomic traits is a rare fit and farmers must duly take advantage of this fit in their farming set ups.

SC Nduna (White): Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi

SC Smart (Red): Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi

SC Stallion (Red): Zimbabwe and Malawi

SC Shield (White): Zimbabwe and Zambia

SC Shine (White): Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi

SC Sahai (White): Zimbabwe and Zambia

SC Sky (Red): Zimbabwe

SC Sekuru (Red): Zimbabwe and Zambia

SC Select (White): Zimbabwe

SC Serena (White): Zimbabwe

SC Shungu (2009 release in Zambia)

SC Sicho (2011 release in Zambia)