Productivity in your hands- The Seed Co Agronomy App

To be a master farmer requires in-depth knowledge and the right resources to bring out the best output in new and ever changing climatic conditions. With this in mind, the Seed Co Agronomy App is a handy application that every farmer must have.

The first thing that catches your eye when you open the app is the vibrant green colour, layout and drop down menus that are easy to navigate. As you navigate, you get the feel of a productive future and all the benefits of the Application. The benefits are arranged in such a way that you immediately find everything you’re looking for.

The key features of the App are the crops, the grower’s guide, testimonials and tips, depot locations, calculations, pests and diseases, weather forecast, the Sales team and how to get in touch with qualified experts from Seed Co. So, whether you’re busy on the farm or reaping, you can access all these features together with the latest farming updates, news and promotions directly.

The App is an innovative information source and goes further to educate farmers on the good habits of a successful farmer through a feature called ‘A Crop Doctor’ This feature is in the Field Emergence Diagnostic Guide which describes some of the daily exercises farmers should carryout in order to effectively manage their crop production and harvests.