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Seed Co produces, markets and distributes high quality hybrid maize, wheat, sorghum, sugar beans, soya beans, cowpeas, groundnuts and vegetable seed. The seeds are climate smart and tailored for various farmer needs across all agro ecological zones of Botswana.

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Seed Co varieties combine high yielding ability and good agronomic traits such as drought and disease tolerance, good “standability”, and stability across seasons and regions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can't find the answer you are looking for? We have shared some of our frequently asked questions to help you out.

Our Iconography represent different maturity level of various varieties we offer. Each animal brings a specific set of characteristics that match specific regions in the country looking at maturity, drought and disease tolerance.

Before starting on a project, consult our agronomists and understand which crop will do great in your region looking at the soil type, rainfall patterns and the general weather.

Our seeds are available in all BAMB, all Agrifeed outlets, Choppies stores, Agrisales in Mmamshia, and many more distributors all over the country.

Over 29 distributors across the country sell hybrid seeds from Seed Co.

If you are using rain fed production, make sure that the soil is well prepared and plant at the right moisture. Under irrigation, planting has to be done as per the cropping plan that should be done with the agronomist.

All varieties are excellent; what determines a good variety for each farmer is the resources available for the farmer, soil type, time of planting, date of harvest, the end use of the harvest (Green mealie, Silage, Grain and crush) and the rainfall patterns.

The recommended seed per ha varies according to the crop you wish to plant. The following is recommended under rain fed:

  1. Maize – 10Kg per ha
  2. Sorghum – 3-5Kg per ha
  3. Cowpeas – 10Kg per ha
  4. Soya Bean – 25-50kg per ha
  5. Sugar Bean – 25Kg per ha
  6. Lab Lab (Dolichos) – 10Kg per ha
  7. Groundnuts – 25Kg per ha

The difference between OPV and Hybrids lies in the way that the seeds are produced and also in the performance of the resulting plants.

  1. Open-pollination is uncontrolled and unrestricted in the movement or flow of pollens between individuals and other plants, therefore, resulting open-pollinated plants and seeds are usually more genetically diverse.
  2. Pollination for Hybrid seed production is controlled and the resulting plants and seed are genetically similar. Therefore, hybrid seed will produce uniform plants (e.g. Cabbage, Lettuce etc. or very uniform fruit (e.g. Tomatoes, Peppers etc.)

Seed Co Botswana does not sell any GMO seeds as they are illegal within the country.

Yes, Seed Co offers FREE agronomic advice to all customers.

The 6 series range provides better yield and late maturing dates as it is slow drying. With those characteristics, it provides a chance to harvest as green mealie for longer. On the other hand, SC506 provides earlier maturing advantages and better drought and heat tolerance.