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Agronomy assistance to our clients is absolutely free.

Please follow link to contacts, or our agronomists.

Because the yield and disease resistances are lower than hybrids, the seed is cheaper, and they are less sensitive to poor agronomic practices.

Market should determine fruit/ vegetable size, color or shape. Also choose by vegetative growth habit, ie either bush or tall and then choose by budget.

Symptoms associated with blotchy ripening can have underlying physiological, disease or insect feeding causes.

It is important to maintain the optimum planting populations for production. Also planting  early gives the farmer a chance to avoid market floodd periods when prices are low.

Possible causes of wilting include lack of water, vascular wilts, tomato spotted wiltvirus, walnut toxicity, or stalk borers.

At least a month before planting.

  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

  • Prime Seed Co has provided us with hybrid tomato varieties which produce high yeild.

  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.