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Our Story

Prime SeedCo was first established in April 2015 as a wholly owned Zimbabwean seed company , Prime seed Pvt LTD before being purchased by SeedCo, where it then became Prime SeedCo a Seed Co subsidiary.

Prime Seed Pvt Ltd was established in September 1997 by Willie Ranby who had 17 years’ experience in the seed business at that stage and Joe Hulland a Chartered accountant who had 5 years experience in the seed business. It was set up as a Horticultural Seed Company representing some leading International Seed Companies like Syngenta Seeds, Popvriend Seeds, Vikima Seeds, Griffin Seed, Hollar Seed, Advanta Seeds, Advance Seeds, Hazera Seeds etc.

Prime Seed Pvt Ltd was the first Zimbabwean Horticultural Seed Company to establish a permanent Research and Development Station at Gletwyn Farm Chisipite. This station was used for field, screening new varieties for suitability in Zimbabwe and also for training farmers.  Prime Seed Pvt Ltd imported, exported and produced seeds. Seeds imported and produced in Zimbabwe were sold in Zimbabwe and also exported to numerous countries in Africa. It diversified into producing and selling grain and legume seed for supply to NGO’s OPV maize, OPV sorghum, OPV millet, Sugar Beans, Cowpeas, Groundnuts, Sun hemp etc was produced for this NGO market.

Prime Seed Pvt Ltd had as part of its business subsidiaries namely Prime Crop Protection Pvt Ltd importing and distributing Syngenta Crop Protection products and Prime Plants Pvt Ltd a seedling nursery producing seedlings or speed lings for farmers.

Following the purchase of Prime Seed by Seed Co the company was named Primeseedco and the business made a strategic decision to focus only on seed so the crop protection and seedling businesses were sold off. In March 2017 a Joint Venture was set up for Primeseedco with ownership being held between Seed Co and the Limagrain Vegetable Seed Subsiduary HM Clause. The Primeseedco Research and Development Station at Gletwyn Farms was closed at the end of 2015 and a new state of the art Research and Development Station was established at the Seed Co Stapleford Premises.  This new station is the envy of the Horticultural Seed Industry.

Primeseedco continues to represent the following international seed houses:

   HM Clause   

Primeseedco now has subsidiaries in the following countries in Africa:

  • Zimbabwe
  • Kenya
  • Zambia
  • Malawi
  • Tanzania
  • Botswana
  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

  • Prime Seed Co has provided us with hybrid tomato varieties which produce high yeild.

  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.