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At Seed Co, we research, produce, process and market certified seeds,  hybrid and Open Pollinated varieties of seed. Our product basket includes: hybrid maize, wheat, soya beans, barely, sorghum, groundnut and vegetable seeds.

Most of our  seed varieties are proprietary, having been developed and bred at our research stations through market-farmer insights and breeding programs.

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Seedco varieties combine high yielding ability and good agronomic traits such as drought and disease tolerance, good "standablity", stablitiy across seasons and regions.


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Tausi F1 and Taji F1 are superior hybrid collard varieties from Seed Co Kenya. Tausi F1 is dark green in colour whereas Taji F1 is light green. First picking for Taji F1 starts at 35-40 days while for Tausi F1 it starts at 30-40 days. Taji is completely non-acidic and very palatable.

To learn about the competitive prices for Seed Co seed varieties, kindly contact us on 0797381098 or 0702934938 for the updated price list.

Crop Variety Yield
Beetroot Crimson Globe 12-15 tonnes per acre
Cabbage Dixit F1 3.5-6 kgs per head
Malkia F1 5 kgs per head
Tsavorite F1 4-5 kgs per head
Capsicum Hercules F1 250g per fruit
Red Deer F1 250g per fruit
Springbok F1 240g per fruit
Carrots Nantes 10 tonnes per acre
Collards Taji F1 15-18 tonnes per care
Tausi F1 20-24 tonnes per acre
Coriander Hoja 2 tonnes per acre
Courgette Amanda F1  15 tonnes per acre
Cucumber Ashley 8-12 tonnes per acre
Hot chilies Red Thunder F1 15 tonnes per acre
Kale 1000 Headed 8 tonnes per acre
Okra Clemson Spineless 6 tonnes per acre
Onion Lambada F1 24 tonnes per acre
Matahari F1 30 tonnes per acre
Red Galaxy F1 18 tonnes per acre
Red Jewel 25 tonnes per acre
Peas Ambassador 2.5 tonnes per acre
Cascadia 5 tonnes per acre
Oregon Pod 5 tonnes per acre
Pepper California Wonder 10 tonnes per acre
Spinach Ford Hook Giant 12 tonnes per acre
Squash Waltham 14 – 21 T/acre
Tomato Elite F1 32 tonnes per acre
Oasis 80 tonnes per acre
Perseo F1 50 tonnes per acre
Pesa F1 38 tonnes per acre
Red Gold 45 tonnes per acre
Big Rock F1 45 tonnes per acre
Candela F1 80 tonnes per acre
Colibri F1 75 tonnes per acre
Bareto F1 40 tonnes per acre
Riogrande 24 tonnes per acre
Livingstone F1 45 tonnes per acre
Bolgan F1 40 tonnes per acre
Watermelon Kito F1 25 tonnes per acre
Mali F1 25 tonnes per acre

You can purchase Seed Co seeds from your nearest agrovet or feel free to get in touch with one of our area sales officers for assistance.

Crop Variety Duration
Beetroot Crimson Globe 80 – 90 days
Cabbage Dixit F1 70 – 75 days
Malkia F1 80 – 90 days
Tsavorite F1 70 – 75 days
Capsicum Hercules F1 60 - 70 days
Red Deer F1 70 – 80 days
Springbok F1 70 – 80 days
Carrots Nantes 90 – 120 days
Collards Taji F1 30 days
Tausi F1 35 days
Coriander Hoja 4 – 8 weeks
Courgette Amanda F1 45 days
Cucumber Ashley 45 days
Hot chilies Red Thunder F1 60 days
Kale 1000 Headed 40 days
Okra Clemson Spineless 45 days
Onion Lambada F1 90 days
Matahari F1 90 days
Red Galaxy F1 90 days
Red Jewel 70 – 80 days
Peas Ambassador 75 days
Cascadia 60-70 days
Oregon Pod 60- 70 days
Pepper California Wonder 75 – 80 days
Spinach Ford Hook Giant 60 – 65 days
Squash Waltham 65 – 80 days
Tomato Elite F1 70 – 80 days
Oasis 70 days
Perseo F1 70 – 80 days
Pesa F1 68 – 75 days
Red Gold 70-80 days
Big Rock F1 70 – 80 days
Candela F1 70 days
Colibri F1 70 – 80 days
Bareto F1 70 – 75 days
Riogrande 70 – 75 days
Livingstone F1 60-70 days
Bolgan F1 55 – 65 days
Watermelon Kito F1 70 – 90 days
Mali F1 70 – 90 days

Crop Variety Seed Rate
Transplanted Direct seeding
Beetroot Crimson Globe 3.5kg
Cabbage Dixit F1 75-100g
Malkia F1 75-100g
  Tsavorite F1 75-100g
Capsicum Hercules F1 10, 000 seeds
Red Deer F1 10,000 seeds
Springbok F1 10,000 seeds
Carrots Nantes 1.5 kg
Collards Taji F1 100gm
Tausi F1 100gm
Coriander Hoja 2.5 kg
Courgette Amanda F1 10,000 seeds
Cucumber Ashley 300 gm
Hot chilies Red Thunder F1
Kale 1000 Headed 100gm
Okra Clemson Spineless 2kg
Onion Lambada F1 1.25kg
Matahari F1 1.25kg
Red Galaxy F1 1.25kg
Red Jewel 1.25kg
Peas Ambassador 25 kg
Cascadia 25 kg
Oregon Pod 25 kg
Pepper California Wonder 75-100gm
Spinach Ford Hook Giant 1kg
Squash Waltham 500g
Tomato Elite F1 100gm
Oasis 10,000 seeds
Perseo F1 10,000 seeds
Pesa F1 10,000 seeds
Red Gold 10,000 seeds
Big Rock F1 10,000 seeds
Candela F1 10,000 seeds
Colibri F1 10,000 seeds
Bareto F1 75g
Riogrande 100gm
Livingstone F1 10,000 seeds
Bolgan F1 10,000 seeds
Watermelon Kito F1 500 gm
Mali F1 500 gm

Crop Variety
Beetroot Crimson Globe
Cabbage Dixit F1
Malkia F1
Tsavorite F1
Capsicum Hercules F1
California wonder
Red Deer F1
Springbok F1
Carrots Nantes
Collards Taji F1
Tausi F1
Coriander Hoja
Courgette Amanda F1
Cucumber Ashley
Hot chilies Red Thunder F1
Kale 1000 Headed
Okra Clemson Spineless
Onion Lambada F1
Red creole
Matahari F1
Red Galaxy F1
Red Jewel
Peas Ambassador
Oregon Pod
Spinach Ford Hook Giant
Squash Waltham
Tomato Elite F1
Perseo F1
Pesa F1
Red Gold
Big Rock F1
Candela F1
Colibri F1
Bareto F1
Livingstone F1
Bolgan F1
Watermelon Kito F1
Mali F1

To get an attachment or a job at Seed Co, you need to make an application as and when there is an opening. You can learn about vacancies at the company by following us on social media and by frequently visiting our pages, including our website career’s page https://www.seedcogroup.com/ke/about-us/careers

  • Regular weeding /ensuring cleanliness in the field
  • Scouting for diseases and pests
  • Proper nutrition or fertiliser application
  • Trellising or training in crops like tomato, cucumber and sweet peppers
  • Aeration
  • Pest and disease control
  • Crop rotation
  • Correct watering
  • Soil health (amendments)

The complete catalogue of vegetable basket can be delivered to you via email or as a direct message. Nonetheless, if you want to read further information about each product, you can read them on the products page, here.