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Primeseedo Field day update

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Primeseedco held its esteemed field day on the  16th of May 2018, with the theme “exploring business opportunities for Horticulture farmers in the export sector”. Eight hundred farmers graced the event from all over Zimbabwe, with some coming from outside the country.  It was a mind opening day and experience for horticulture farmers as all companies throughout the value chain were present assisting farmers on how to easily access and make use of all inputs needed for their enterprises. Of note, present on the day was the guest of honour; Zimtrade Chief Executive officer Mr Majuru, who clearly laid out the opportunities available for horticulture farmers in export markets.  Processing companies and other vegetable buyers were present to reassure farmers of the market availability for their produce.

Primeseedco has set itself apart as a serious horticulture seed company, as its field days do not only showcase the seed they sell but all their initiatives which seed to enrich the farmer.  Group Sales and marketing manager Beauty Magiya articulated why starting with the right seed was an important part of every farmers project, and encouraged farmers to get their seed from Primeseedco, the ‘Home of bumper harvests”. The Primeseedco team explained to farmers the profitability to be gained from export farming and in horticulture as a whole as the current market prices were available for all to clearly see.

Primeseedco holds two major national field days every year at Stapleford, with another one in summer. Other smaller field days are held, close to farmers, in every province.

  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

  • Prime Seed Co has provided us with hybrid tomato varieties which produce high yeild.

  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.