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Exploring Business Opportunities for Horticulture Farmers in Export Markets

Monday, August 6, 2018

Prime Seed Co Zimbabwe hit the headlines with its newest portfolio and unique 16th of May 2018 field day, with the theme “Exploring Business Opportunities for Horticulture Farmers in Exports Markets” with a reinforced Primeseedco team, knowledgeable and vast experience from Willie Runby this event was held at Primeseedco Research Station, Stapleford Harare, Zimbabwe.

This magnificent event was an excellent opportunity to meet key growers, agro-dealers, nurseries, fresh produce buyers and many other business partners from around Zimbabwe, most importantly ZimTrade whose mandate is to Energise Zimbabwe’s Export Growth, by inspiring our valued customers to exploit Prime Seed Co’s wide range of quality vegetable seeds for exports as these exports are a vital component in generating foreign earnings, which are critical in improving the balance of trade.

 In his part of the speech, the Guest of Honor, Acting CEO Allan Majuru added that “Efforts by Prime Seed Co to provide farmers with high yielding varieties such as Snow wind for peas, Candela F1 for tomatoes, Regent F1 for onions, Solano FI for peppers, and Salima for green beans, are commendable and to support these efforts by the private sector, ZimTrade has put together a service portfolio tailor-made to develop and facilitate horticulture producers to become globally competitive enterprises.”

This one day, state of the art event enticed a record number of 891 entrances. It was indeed an extremely effective event to link our paramount growers to local and foreign markets as well as presenting to them our newest range of varieties for them to grow.

Onion Saturn F1, Onion Ada and Onion Arad, all “new winter varieties” and not forgetting our tomato determinant range in form of Pietrarossa, Akela and Daisy. The more advanced in determinant tomato Candela and Alambra were presented with their fresh fruits in our green houses, where we presented to almost 35 groups of around 28 people in each group, throughout the whole day. The new, bushy and shouting Rape Rampart and all our F1 varieties were a highlight for visitors, who were impressed with their key advantages of high quality fruit, firmness and high yield.

Additionally, the new summer segment variety in broccoli, Corato F1 put a huge smile on our growers’ faces with its fantastic growing results.

Prime Seed Co, that constantly aims to provide the best products for our valued growers, will continue to meet with these business partners in the sector and continue to be committed to growing together. The company will continue to urge all vegetable producing growers to go through the 4 Rs starting with the, Right Seed, Right practices, Right yield and the Real money).

By Masimba Kanyepi (masimba@primeseed.co.zw)

  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

  • Prime Seed Co has provided us with hybrid tomato varieties which produce high yeild.

  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.