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Tomato Chibli the darling of processors and house wives now on promotion

Monday, February 5, 2018

Hurry to our distributors!!!

Prime Seed offers house wives and processing companies a tomato variety that complements their needs. Tomato Chibli is a medium early and determinate hybrid variety that grows flat as a bush culture suitable for the fresh market and paste-processing.

The company’s product development has resulted in bringing in this blocky-round medium-sized and smooth tomato average fruit weighing 110g and currently producing the biggest fruit size that farmers can get for a processing tomato in Zimbabwe. At present the only tomato variety with the highest percentage of brix (total solid material) on our Zimbabwean market and also the best paste processing variety. This variety that matures in 120 days from sowing and high yielding also creates farmers’ enjoy also because of its resistance to diseases like verticillium, fusarium and nematodes. It can be harvested over a long period as the plant covers the firm fruits well. In addition, Prime Seed recommends famers to produce it because of its exceptionally high yields and nematodes resistance.

Prime Seed Company is working hard in complementing efforts being made by paste processing companies by bringing in varieties that make them accomplish their goals. Remember tomato paste processing facilities require a constant supply of fresh tomatoes, and it is vitally important that the tomato processing line constantly operates at maximum capacity thus giving our farmers the green light to continuously produce for a ready market.

Apart from providing the tomato chibli seed, Prime Seed also offers farmers the technical support and a complete spray program for its production right from the seedbed stage up to the harvesting period so as to produce the best quality fruit. So beneficial to the farmer, Prime Seed also has got the prime crop protection division that is there to provide with the best, cost effective chemistry for the production of the tomato chibli. Farmers have no need to worry as disease problems like late blight and powdery mildew will be a thing of the past.

 The company also has an experienced and technically qualified sales team in all the country’s provinces, there to assist both large and small tomato producing farmers to harvest the best quality.

In supporting the Zimbabwean tomato producers, Prime Seed shall be running a promotion of the tomato Chibli variety immediately in all our retail shops as well as our large number of retail stockists and agro-dealers around the country.

Watch Tomato Chibli Video Here

Written By: 
Masimba Kanyepi (Marketing)
  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

  • Prime Seed Co has provided us with hybrid tomato varieties which produce high yeild.

  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.