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Prime Seed Offers A Cabbage Variety That Matures Within 65 Days

Monday, February 5, 2018

Prime Seed has come to the rescue of the Zimbabwean farmer who are currently battling with water shortages and cashflow challenges by bringing a miracle cabbage that matures in 65 days from transplanting. Fabiola hybrid is medium size cabbage, compact plant with good cover and small to medium frame, ultimate for high density spacing. It has got a medium field holding, good texture and excellent flavour.

Disease Resistance
This cabbage is highly resistant to fusarium yellows and also very strong against black rot.

Why Should You Plant Cabbage Fabiola!
Unlike other traditional cabbages varieties that matures above 65days, Zimbabwean farmers should receive this variety with both hands as they can now produce cabbages four times in a year given that cabbage Fabiola is an early matuaring variety. This is excellent news to farmers because this means increased profit margin and yearly return. Farmers will also have an opportunity to enjoy fabiola benefits of short maturity period, uniform maturity (can be sold at once) and its crop vigour.

Brief Planting Guides
Planting can be done on beds, two rows on top of the bed between 50cm to 60cm  apart and planting on stations of 35cm  to 40cm. Plant population per hectare portion should range from 33 000 to 40 000. Increased plant populations beyond the recommended will mean reduced head size. Larger spacing will always result in slightly bigger heads.  Farmers should always transplant with a ball of soil to avoid shocking the plant.

Fertilizer and Water Application
It is advisable for the farmers to use a balanced basal of 600 to 1000kg compound type fertilizer of either A, B or C applied prior to planting. Farmers are encouraged to do three split applications of 400kg ammonium nitrate.

Approximately 600mm to 750mm of irrigation should be allowed to produce a good and viable crop. As the plant increases in size and leaf area, the amount of water required also increase. Prime Seed  encourages farmers to mulch 1 to 2 inches of organic matter, keeping the mulching an inch away from the stem of the plant. This mulching will help keep the soil moist, feeds the plant and controls the weeds.

Pest and Disease Control
Proper identification of pests and diseases is an important step in controlling them. Wrong diagnosis will lead to wrong interventions resulting in increased losses and costs. If in doubt, call in to our Prime Seed shops in Harare, Robbert Mugabe way and In Bulawayo at ……. We also have

qualified Prime Seed crop protection specialist available to you for your convinience. The common pest in cabbage is Diamond Back Moth (DBM) and as always Prime Seed prescribes the best chemistry in form of Ampligo 150ZC. Please call in for more technical advise on application and one on one discussion with us.

At 55 days some heads will begin to show signs of maturity but it is mostly advisable ideally to start harvesting them at 65 days as this will prolong its shelf life.

Written By: 
Masimba Kanyepi (Marketing)
  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

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  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.