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Prime Seed the Domicile of any Variety of Seed

Monday, February 5, 2018

Changing the agricultural game is what Prime Seed does. The company of 17 years in seed business now 100% owned by the maize seed giant of Africa Seed-Co, has revolutionized the way farmers grow their vegetables, small grains, herbs, and pastures.

Through a wide ranging dominant chemistry of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides from Syngenta, agriculturalists have now realized a one stop shop of all seeds and trademarked effective agro-chemicals. With a wide range of hybrid vegetable seeds, the company is poised to increase its current market share of 30% to 55% by end of the year 2016. This is possible as the company is now trading in the footprints of Seed-Co locally and as well as in 15 other African countries.

The managing director Willy Ranby and his Deputy Patrick Mutandwa are on a global marathon seeking partnerships with renowned vegetable breeding companies in the world subsequently to continue improving the company’s product basket as well as bringing in more genetics that can now suit the continuous shifting climatic conditions. The partnerships have resulted in Prime Seed presenting farmers with varieties that are producing high yields and high quality produces.

Hybrid varieties like the Cabbage Fabiola, very cheap as compared to other products on the market which matures in just 65 days after transplanting have taken the market by storm as farmers now shun varieties maturing up to 95 days. This cabbage of medium size weighing between 3, 5-5kg is encouraging the farmer to have 4 cycles of production per year and hence improving the farmer’s cash flow.

Our Prime Crop Protection portfolio that is the chemical division has also introduced effective chemistry called Solvigo for nematodes problems as well as Revus for your late blight in potatoes and Ampligo for diamond back moth in cabbages. These chemicals are very cost effective and farmers have realized added value in these chemicals therefore the need to migrate from generics.

Prime Seed is very proud to be the only vegetable seed company in Zimbabwe with its own trial site at Gletwin Farm in the middle of Chishawasha Hills just 15mins drive from the city Centre. This is where trials and assessments of all our new genetics are carried out before conveying them to the market. The trial site is always open to the public Monday to Saturday for them to witness our wide range of new varieties. However work is underway at our new home at N0, 1 Shamwari Road Stapleford the Seed-Co HQ in establishing a much bigger state of the art trial site to be functional by early 2016.  In our to promote our hybrid range the company is in the process of identifying farmers and institutions to set up demo-plots before end of 2016 so as to achieve our vegetable hybridization goals.

The coming in of Seed-Co has seen the company embarking on a speedy drive to open more shops, one at corner R Mugabe and 5th street opposite Road-port Harare in addition to our Msasa branch. The Bulawayo shop is now on cards coming before end of 2015. By taking a walk in to these new seed and chemical shops will come across all seeds be it pasture; sorghum forage, fine-cut, and Lucerne to name a few. On small grains will discover sorghum red and white, millet and round-nuts also to name just a few. All herbs be it corriander and basil just to name a few as well.

The cheapest rape, tsunga, onion, tomato and all open pollinated varieties are also available in our shops.

The Seed-Co group CEO, Mr Morgan Nzwere has clearly said that Prime Seed is there to complement the efforts and energies of Seed-Co on feeding and serving the nations throughout the African region through massive and immense horticulture interventions with that alone the game is now on.

Written By: 
Masimba Kanyepi (Marketing)
  • I now have a successful business due to Prime Seedco’s investment in me.

  • Prime Seed Co has provided us with hybrid tomato varieties which produce high yeild.

  • Prime Seedco gives us useful information, through their trained technical advisors.